Colin, you are simply gorgeous!


The stars just arrived in Skiathos. Colin Firth together with Pierce Brosnan and Stellan Skarsgrad are on the way to Skiathos Palace. They are going to stay there until next Friday.

According to people accosiated to the production there is going to be one shooting only in the old harbor of Skiathos, which is going to take place early in the morning tomorrow Wednesday the 29th. There are two main reasons for choosing that time: Natural light conditions and less crowd. 

The three lovers will be sailing out of the old harbor on a sailing boat.

We ‘ve passed by Colin, since one of us is staying right now in the hotel, and there is only one thing to be said:

Colin, you are simply gorgeous!

See you on Friday night in Skopelos! Anemos cafe serves the best mojitos in Skopelos…


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