Due to bad weather the production started shootings yesterday (MON 03.09) morning in Agnontas. (Pictures will be uploaded later today).

Shootings on Kastani expected to start today.

Follow the road to Milia  (MM BASE)  and in about 400m  next to the former pink sign you’ll find another pink sign MMLOC. This is the road to Kastani. Original Kastani sign is removed…


One Response to MM LOC (KASTANI SIGN)

  1. I m a professional photographer based in skopelos.
    as maybe some of you know i was the first one int he island that the producers contact during the winter when they were looking for locations around greece.
    as they said to me the mayor and to the pothers who were in front when i first introduce them to him becaouse of my photos they came here.
    any way during the winter almost nobody believed me when i was telling them about it and naturally they thought i was crazy.
    Now i work for the movie helping with the camera crew and making backstage photos.
    actually i m the only greek photographer who is doing this.i m not going to give any photos to magazines or newspapers or to you (im sorry my friends)
    I just want to have an exsibition here in skopelos and people who will come here to see how this movie was created.
    i have a great experience working with this people.everybody is a professional they really know what they are doing.
    they are very friendly we have a very good time and thy love skopelos.
    pierce himself told me this as the way.he is really a gendelman .
    vey polite.the people in the camera crew are very nice with me even if i dont know many things of what they are doing .you see i m just a photographer… not a cameraman..
    and something else.leave them to do their work and dont make problems by trying to
    to come in the set loke a crazy woman did today by invating there with the will to see meryl.she is didnt came in skopelos yet any way.
    and of cource she never was in skiathos as some papers wrote.
    it is a great honor for us that this people are here.
    let them enjoy them selves…

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