The Best of Skopelos (2) RODIOS


( photo Dick Prior )

The Rodios family is the third generation of potter makers, from generation to generation, from father Nick to son Bill both honoured with ten gold prizes even with the great Athens Academy prize. All the pottery colours are physical but the black one is a colour with pattent with the special distinctive mark of the art.

Now Nick Podios the First potter maker’s grandson handing the relay continues the delivery of the family with respect like a large lit up candle that passes from generation to generation.

Rodios gallery is between Hotel Eleni and Skopelorama Holidays agency.

Black vessels are a change from the usual pottery found around Greece.

(Due to strong west wind shootings today canceled. Original schedule was: 11+12 Sep Amarantos, 12+13 Sep Velanio,  3-10 Sep Kastani, 18-20 Sep Ag. Ioannis Kastri, plus Glisteri  dates not known yet. Weather forecast: Strong West wind until Friday afternoon)

To all great dancers,  who are right now in Skopelos, we wish a lot of fun!


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