This is Aghios Yiannis


I think one of the most beautiful  places on planet earth…


2 Responses to This is Aghios Yiannis

  1. Marilyn Thompson says:

    Yes, it is beautiful, so is Skopelos, beautiful and unspoiled, unlike some places in Greece I’ve been to, and never visited again. I’ve been to Skopelos 4 times, a lot of people return again and again to your island, they do so because its not Rhodes, or Corfu, or northern Crete. ie no bar street or club street, no dreadful Falaraki. no vast water guzziling villas and casinos for the super rich. Please don’t be tempted to change it too much. Believe me the last thing you need is the kind of people who will go and see this movie in droves. If you don’t believe me have a look at the Daily Mail. These are not people who could handle the real Greece. or anything remotely foreign. Not thucking paper down the loo would be too much for them!
    Stay true to your island!
    Love and best wishes,

  2. Jessicajil says:

    That’s a very good photo of the ‘new’ chapel on top of the real Church in Agios Iannis. It is a sort of backless dress for the original ‘old chapel’ and the wrong way round as the apse is this end .. but it certainly shows more than the real one. I was rather taken with the false rocks they made, except for the ordered arrays of small ones amongst them .. but I gather they were to be re-arranged. The false rocks certainly covered the concrete well.

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