The Best of Skopelos (4)

“Armoloi” ceramics workshop was created on Skopelos island by Nikos Markou in 1979. Since then, it is working continually with clay and especially with colours and glazes. Decorative and useful ceramics, inspired by nature and by greek tradition, are the basis of its designs. The entire production can be seen at “Armoloi’s” exhibition space and shop at Skopelos waterfront, among the ceramics of other artists.

Just go and bring Skopelos at your home, nomatter where you live…


One Response to The Best of Skopelos (4)

  1. Patrizia says:

    Hello Riginos and thanks a lot for all the information about the filming and your beautiful island. I would like to know somethingm, maybe you can be of help: is it correct that Colin Firth arrived there on Aug. 29th and leaved last Friday (Sept. 21)? Can you confirm that?

    I really thank you for your reply. Many greetings from Italy


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